Saturday, April 14, 2012

Raising Support for Thrive Rescue Home in Thailand

Our goal today is to build support for Thrive Rescue Home, a mission that is committed to combatting the sex slave trade with young girls in Thailand.

We will be tweeting all day re oppression of the poor and dispossessed and our responsibility as Christians toward them.

I am beginning a personal commitment and crusade against the exploitation of young girls worldwide. It all starts with you and me. This is a long and challenging fight, but it has to begin with someone, somewhere.

I pray all our chatters on #MKBiblechat will join with me—not JUST financially—in prayer and study and support to combat this tragic evil.

IT MUST NOT STAND. Together we believe we CAN change the world. Wilberforce did it in 18th century England: destroyed the slave trade. Let us stand together in obedience.

We are raising support for direct help to the orphanage and to be able to send monthly gifts of Bible Memory Coins to the girls. The way to give is to pledge by DM or tweet what you want to give & we will send paypal request by email. God bless you as you pray about this great evil we must do all in our power to stamp out. My email is
Thanks and God bless.

@BibleMemCoins & #MKBiblechat