Saturday, June 18, 2011

The Most Important Thing

Dallas Willard calls the memorization of Scripture the most important of all the spiritual disciplines for a disciple of Christ who wants with all his/her heart to grow in Chrislikeness.

The goal of this blog will be to motivate, educate and continually prod believers all over the world to get back to basics. Much like the legendary football coach Vince Lombardi used to do at the beginning of every spring training, we are going to hold up the Bible and say, "This is God's Word".

As such, how can we NOT hide it in our hearts; meditate on it continually and think and discuss and apply it to our lives in every way we can possibly imagine.

Hope you will follow. I am going to try to blog daily. But don't just read, nod and agree. Do something about it. Start memorizing now. Go to to see our innovative and hopefully helpful system. Email us at


  1. Whoa--We live in Wisconsin and I'm a life-long Packer fan. I didn't know that about Lombardi. More importantly, though, I look forward to hearing your comments. I have often thought we need to go back to basics.

  2. I agree that scripture memorization is important, but I think prayer may be more important.