Thursday, June 23, 2011

Wholeness of Soul

Today's blog is just a long quote from E M Bounds on prayer: I just thought it was an awesome comment.

I purpose to take occasions of praying upon the sight of any church which I may pass, that God may be worshipped there in spirit, and that souls may be saved there; to pray daily for my sick patients and for the patients of other doctors; at my entrance into any home to say, 'May the peace of God abide here'; after hearing a sermon, to pray for a blessing on God's truth, and upon the messenger; upon the sight of a beautiful person to bless God for His creatures, to pray for the beauty of such a one's soul, that God may enrich her with inward graces, and that the outward and inward may correspond; upon the sight of a deformed person, to pray God to give them wholeness of soul, and by and by to give them the beautry of the resurrection.

What a great attitude and practice of prayer!

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